27 Very Pretty Colorful Nails for The Sunny Days You Must Try!

These nails designs are just like colorful candy and bubble gum, representing the best memories of childhood. Therefore, colored nails always give us a happy feeling. In the summer, with these colorful nails, even a simple outfit can make our overall look very interesting and have a sweet feeling.

For colored nails, you can choose your favorite color and mix it together. If you don’t have an idea, today I will share 30 colorful nail designs. These nails immediately brought me back to a carefree childhood. I really like this manicure!

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Nails care tips
1. Do not soak your hands in the water for 24 hours. Of course, you can wash your face normally.
2. Our hands often touch a lot of dirt, so we should develop the habit of washing hands frequently. Use little or no irritating alcohol and soap. Apply hand cream after hand washing, not only can improve the visual effect of the hand, but also reduce the evaporation of water, maintain the necessary humidity of the hand and supply the necessary nutrients for the nail.