30 Cozy Small Modern Living Room Design Ideas on Budget for Your Small Apartment

How to spend the least money to decorate the small living room most cozily and prettily is not a simple problem. Simple modern style is the first choice for decorating a small living room because the simple modern furniture can easily make the living room look great and cozy. If you are looking for some decoration inspiration for your living room, please continue reading this blog, I am sure you will gain something.

Black, white and grey are representative colors of modern decoration style. When choosing furniture, you’d better try to choose among these colors, for example, a grey sofa. The sofa is one of the most frequently used furniture in the living room, so you must choose it carefully. I personally highly recommend the grey sofa because it looks relaxing than black and dirty-resistant than white. If you have pets or children at home, I recommend that you choose dark grey sofas as much as possible, because naughty them can easily dirty your new sofa. In order to make the space more comfortable, you’d better choose a coffee table similar to the color of the sofa.

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If your main furniture is black, white and grey, then some small decorations, such as vases on the coffee table and hangings on the wall, can choose some different colors, which will make it more interesting. Speaking of hanging pictures, for a comfortable and good-looking living room, the wall decoration can not be ignored, but because the living room is small, so don’t hang too many things on the wall of the living room, you only need one or two modern style paintings, such as those in the picture.