32 Charming Bouquets With Blue Colors That Will Touch Your Heart!

In some countries, it’s said that wedding customs require each bride’s dowry to be as follows: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Blue stands for honesty, but we can also add some real “blue” into your wedding! So, let’s go and see 32 brilliant bouquets with charming blue colors!

Dark blue is enchanting and mysterious while light blue is fresh and gentle. Adding some blue into your bouquet can suddenly update the whole tune of your bouquet. And blue also stands for honesty, purity and infinity. Blue fowers can send your best wishes and hopes to the one who receives them. Classic blue flower Blue Rose is now the most trendy one for lovers, it reprents deeper love than red rose, and people endows its charm with the name Blue Demon. Other blue flowers such as butterfly orchid, cornflower, garden balsam, balloon flower and so on can be wraped as the main part of the bouquet, while other blie flowers such as Blue Daze, Forget Me Not, harebell and lavender can be used to fill the blank area of the bouquet, adding its layers and colors.

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Charming blue can always touch our heart. Maybe it’s not so common to see blues in a bouquet, but after seeing those wonderful bouquet ideas, I think it is time for you to spark your creativity and consider adding some blue colors into your bouquets! Do not miss them!