32 Cute Braided Pigtail Hairstyles That You Should Try!

Braided pigtail often makes you look cute and naïve. You may worry that this kind of hairstyle will make others feel old-fashioned, but in fact, you can create amazing effect if you can get a smart pigtail hairstyle. Do not believe it? Then go and look those 32 brilliant braided hairstyle pigtail ideas below!


In fact, the so-called braided pigtail is to divide your hair into two parts, then make each part braids. Seemingly simple and boring, right? But there are various braids styles that will add interest in your hairstyle. Double to knots is a cute style that has a bit of a cartoon effect, just simply divide your hair in half and twist each half into a high chignon. Classic braids can be monotonous at times, the fishtail works best to break the monotony. For a flattering look keep it messy. French braid pigtail is an easy one, create braid pigtails and stop at your neck then leave the rest of your hair in two loose ponytails. 

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These braided pigtails are all wonderful hairstyles, and besides all those above, you can find many other ways to make beautiful braids online. Braided pigtails work well with any hair color, so if you want to try them, do not hesitate! You won’t regret it!