32 Easy Neon Makeup Looks That Make You Shine In Daily Life!

We can often find exciting neon makeup looks on a fashion show or in a nightclub, and every time they appear, all you can feel is like, wow! But you may never consider it as a daily makeup look, right? I have to say it’s really a pity. Below are 32 easy neon makeup ideas that will be suitable for even daily looks, do not miss them!


The neon makeup, just as makeup artist Gabriel De Santino says, “Everyone is looking for new and exciting ways to inject color into their beauty routine that feels fresh, and this trend fits the bill.” Yes, neon colors’ special charm is especially visible in blacklight, it can make you stand out at any club. All eyes will turn to you when your lips shine brightly on the dance floor or when your eyelashes and eyeshadows start to glow. In the meanwhile, these glamorous colors are also intense in daylight. The 32 pictures we offer you give the best example of daily neon makeup looks. If you don’t want your makeup to be too exaggerated, carefully control the area these colors covered and use relatively light eyeshadow base.

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Neon makeup provides real highlights that can be used on many occasions. And wherever you go, a wonderful neon makeup look can always make you the most attractive person in the crowd. Spark your creativity and enjoy the factor these gorgeous colors can bring to you.