32 Gorgeous Mermaid Wedding Dress Ideas For Slender Brides!

There are a variety of types of wedding dress, such as A fonts wedding, Upright wedding, Puff wedding and so on. Each style has its own character and charm which always make it difficult for brides to choose. Anyhow, the one suits you the best is the best. Here we’d like to introduce a classic wedding dress style—Fishtail wedding dress for you.


A fishtail wedding dress perfectly lines the waist and hips. Because of this, if the fishtail wedding dress is not designed properly, it will have a fatal defect—appears the bride’s figure proportion is not coordinated! If you can avoid this trap, the fishtail wedding dress will become a beautiful weapon to harvest people’s compliment. Satin made wedding dress is smooth, letting your figure curve appears more fluent; lace wedding dresses have a retro aesthetic. The skintight design of the waist and hip is always reminiscent of cheongsam, full of Oriental mysterious charm, so designers can incorporate some Chinese elements such as embroidery when design the dress to make it more luxurious.

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You can’t be too careful when choosing your bridal dress. It pays to spend time preparing for your lovely wedding. If you are really into this classic and charming type of wedding dress, the Fishtail wedding dress, then don’t hesitate to try it! Hope those 32 ideas will inspire you!