32 Gorgeous Mirror Nail Designs That Make Your Fingertips Shine!

There are a variety of manicure design styles for chic girls to choose. You may have already tried jelly nails, shimmering nails, matte nails and so on, and are considering other wonderful styles, then you’ve come to the right place! Below are 32 classic and stunning mirror nail designs that you may want to try!


Believe that many girls are not strange to mirror nail. Metallic mirror nail has a very special, kind of cool feeling. Mirror nail is not just cool but also stylish manicures, you can not only make it so pure color nail but also succeed to make super pretty patchwork. In addition to pure color, the mirror nail can also create a gradual change or smudge effect. This kind of manicure is more special, in Japanese manicure, the mirror effect is often used to make the nail face appears very delicate and layering. Such novel and distinctive manicure is absolutely the focal point of your friends!

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Well-designed manicures are the best tool to make your fingertips fashionable. Never will modern chic women want to miss any opportunity to make ourselves catch up with fashion trend. Metallic mirror nails are classic and gorgeous, believe that you will not be disappointed if you try them!