32 Lovely Jelly Nails Ideas That You Should Try!

Jelly-colored nails are a popular style for women, and they look gentle and add sweetness. When we are at home, we can also make jelly nails to make our fingers look more beautiful. Meanwhile, we can also add our own sweet flavor and make ourselves look more girlish. So here we’ve selected 32 fresh jelly nail ideas for you to choose!


Jelly nails are made of translucent colored acrylic, with an aluminum foil under the nail and acrylic applied to the designed shape and length. Whether you like a simple clean color, or a little bit of color or pattern embellishment, those jelly nails will surely ensure a good mood. Besides the design of clean color, adding adornment of a bit metallic element or dry flowers, can make whole feeling sweeter. You can also create a similar effect at home by mixing clear polish with any color. Or, you can buy a set of nail polish with that will give you a similar effect. They are perfect jelly.

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Whether we cover our nails with graffiti or recreate the neon effect, we can’t get enough fun manicures in the summer. The good thing about manicures, unlike haircuts, is that you simply erase designs that we don’t feel good about. So just bravely try them!