32 Stunning Half Up And Half Down Hairstyle Ideas That Chic Girls May Want To Try!

It is everyone’s right to pursue beauty, and we are always willing to give you chic and trendy beauty ideas to give you sparkling inspirations about how to polish your life. Today we have 32 stunning half up and half down hairstyle ideas which chic girls may be interested in to recommend.


You can braid the upper part of your hair to make the whole look more delicate and stylish. For women who are not so good at tying up their hair, it is a good idea to simply tie it up with hair accessories. Beautiful hair accessories or headbands can give a layered look to your hairstyle, and they can also make it easy for you to adjust your hairstyle if it’s in a mess. What’s more, if you are really good at designing elaborate hairstyles, you can do amazing things with the top half of your hair, making it in various shapes. Anyhow, the style that you like the most is the one that suits you the best.

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Half up and half down is a classic style of long hair, but it’s not limited to long hair. The same hairstyle has different effect to medium hair and short hair. It can appear more nifty and lovely for short hair; for long hair, it will be more graceful. Hope those pictures will inspire you a lot.