32 Very Stunning Rustic Bridal Bouquet Ideas For Unique Brides!

Imagine that on your wedding day, you wear the most beautiful wedding dress and the most delicate makeup, waiting anxiously in your room for your Mr.right…wonderful, isn’t it? But you may feel so anxious that you don’t even know where to put your hands! That’s why a bridal bouquet is so important. Here are 32 inspiring rustic bridal bouquet ideas that may flip your heart!

Whether you’re planning a outdoor wedding in a barn in the country or a romantic garden party surrounded by blooms, or a splendid ceremony in a palace-like hotel, a rustic bridal bouquet will never go out of style. If you want to add some retro aura to your wedding, some flowers of dark tone will be suitable for your bouquet. If you want a fresher style, light tone should match your bouquet. Of course, brown branches, rusty grass and sere leaves are always the soul of a rustic bridal bouquet. Simple things can always amaze people’s eyes if they are used appropriately. Use whatever kind of flower as you like, even a bunch of wild flowers by the road can be incorporated into your bouquet. Nature is the essence of rustic style.

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Did one of those pictures touch your heart? Their varied shapes and random collocations of different kinds of flowers create a sense of messy beauty which is always incredibly attractive. It will be easy for you to make such a bouquet by yourself, and that will be much more fun. Try it! And you won’t regret your decision!