33 Creative Home Study and Work Room Design Ideas for Special You

The study, also known as the family studio, is a space for reading, writing and spare-time study, research and work, especially the necessary space for cultural, educational, scientific and technological and artistic workers. The study room is a place where people return to the office environment after a day’s work. Therefore, it is not only an extension of the office, but also a part of family life.


The duality of the study room makes it in a unique position in the family environment. Because of the special function of the study, it needs a more serious atmosphere. But the study is also a part of the family environment; it should be integrated with other living rooms, revealing a strong flavor of life. Therefore, as a family office, the study needs to highlight the personality while integrating the characteristics of the office environment, so that people can work more freely in a relaxed atmosphere and rest more freely.

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The furniture in the study room is mainly desks and bookcases. First of all, we should ensure that there is a large space for collecting books. The depth between bookcases should be 30 centimeters. Excessive depth not only wastes materials and space but also brings a lot of inconvenience to book acquisition. The shelves and partitions of bookcases can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the size of books. The function and division of the study vary from person to person. The bookcase and desk can be arranged in parallel or vertically, or connected with the two ends and the middle of the bookcase to form a reading and writing area. The changeability of study form has changed the form and style of study, which makes people always have a sense of freshness.