33 Selected Minimalist Nordic Home Decor for Your Unique House

Minimalism is a style of life and art, intended to pursue simplicity and refuse anything that violates this form. Minimalism style is not the so-called minimalism nowadays. It is an art school that rose in the 1960s after the Second World War. It can also be called Minimal Art. As a reaction to abstract expressionism, Minimalism tends to go to the extreme. It aims to eliminate the author’s borrowing by presenting the original object itself or form in front of the viewer.


Minimalism is not confined to art or design. It is a philosophy, values and lifestyle pursued by Minimalists – “minimalism” lifestyle. And today I am going to talk about minimalist Nordic home d├ęcor Nordic decoration style emphasizes the penetration of interior space in dealing with space, whose ultimate goal is to maximize the introduction of natural scenery. The appearance of minimalist Nordic decoration style makes a clear contrast with the Nordic style. Minimalist Nordic style contains the characteristics of European style, but modernizes the European style with simplicity instead of traditional luxury.


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The most important characteristic of Nordic wind is the use of black and white. As the “universal color” of interior design, black and white can give people a full sense of fashion in any case. In the living room, instead of traditional marble tables, wooden tables are used. Even the walls are framed in black and white with pictures of natural scenes. White walls, with photo frames are also very consistent with the Nordic temperament. From these 33 home decor images, you will definitely find the inspiration of your own house.