35 Best Dating Makeup Ideas That Will Make You More Gentle

Makeup skill is one of the most necessary skills for girls to master. But for some girls, especially new beginners, it is not so easy to handle this skill. Sometimes we will need an example to copy, so here we select 35 pretty makeup looks for you that may be helpful!


Different makeup looks can create different temperament for you. Whether it’s alluring or fresh, if you can handle the skill well, you can create the effect you want. First you need to set a basic tone for your makeup look, and then accordingly choose the color of your eyeshadow, blusher, lipstick and so on. If you do not collocate the colors right, it’s almost impossible to have a nice makeup. Rather, the whole look will be somehow strange. Maybe the best way to learn how to wear a beautiful makeup is to watch the tutorial videos on line and practice a lot. Those pictures have set great examples for you, you can take them as your lessons.

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No matter what kind of makeup looks you like, just bravely try it! How boring it would be if you just stick to one particular makeup! You don’t have to have two magical hands to design the look, as is often said, practice makes perfect! Hope those pretty makeup looks will be helpful for you!