35 Hot And Fresh Makeup Looks That Will Inspire You A Lot!

The skill to create a beautiful makeup look is one of the most important capabilities for modern women. An appropriate makeup can perfectly highlight and sometimes can change your temperament. Below we’ve elaborately selected 35 hot and fresh makeup looks that will bring you both enchantment and freshness feeling, you will like them!


It is a big problem for many women to wear a delicate makeup especially when they try to use red lipsticks. Usually they will apply a thick foundation to their face in order to match the color of the lipstick, which will just make their face mask-like. But actually, if you observe the models on many covers of fashion magazine, you will find that it is not necessary to wear thick foundation at all. Just apply slight foundation, then trim your brows into natural shape and apply some brow powder. And you don’t have to pay much attention on the eye makeup, or, if you like, just simply apply a thin eye liner and slight eye shadow. All these can create fresh nude makeup look. Finally, a hot red lipstick can add enchantment to your whole look.

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Lipsticks are always the key to your beautiful makeup look. Among all the colors, red is definitely the most classic and popular color which can perfectly highlight the shape of your lips. But you can see, there is no need wearing dramatic makeups just to match your hot red lipstick. These brilliant examples above have already proved that.