50 Popular Natural Ombre Medium Hair Color Ideas | Hair Color Trends

Ombre comes from the French word that means “shadow” or “shade” and is one of the most popular ways to color your hair right now. Ombre color means ombre-ing your hair involves giving your hair a shaded effect by keeping a darker color at your roots and gradually lightening it down towards the end.

A great ombre hair color is when your hair gradually blends from one color at the top to another towards the bottom. People always confused with balayage, ombre which is a hair coloring technique. The effect this creates is mesmerizing. Some popular ombre colors include light brown, dark brown, chocolate brown, bronde or blonde and caramel brown.

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Ombre hair making waves in the fashion world and becoming the hair color trend to follow. So this French word was popular between fashion girls. And once you go through the list of these popular ombre hair color, you’ll know why everyone is dying to try out this look! If you want to change a new hairstyle recently, please check these 50 popular natural and pretty ombre medium hairstyles.