40 Pretty and Simple Short Nail Ideas for 2019 Fall/Winter

Autumn has arrived, nail art is always a topic that will be discussed every season. Unlike green and yellow nails in spring and summer, the color of deciduous leaves is always the most classic for autumn and winter nails, this color makes people feel warm and cozy. Imagine you’re wearing a light sweater, gold jewelry, and yellow deciduous nails, everything is perfect.


Most fashionable girls know that when you match an outfit, you’d better pick the same color of clothes and shoes. The same rule also applies to nails color. You’d better keep the nail color in line with your clothes and pants (no need to be same, but similar). So if you want to find the best color for your own autumn and winter nail, open your wardrobe and see what color of clothes you have the most. For example, if you love to wear nude clothes, then you can have white and pink nails, which belong to the same color system as nude.

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Today, I collected 40 Beautiful and simple autumn and winter nail ideas. Most of these nails are pure color, so you can make them for yourself at home, which is very simple. Of course, there are some complex ones that may not be done by non-professionals, but if you are good at nail painting, you can do so. All in all, these nails ideas are worth collecting and trying, just take a look.