45 Delicate Short Nail Design Ideas That Are Worth Trying in This Summer!

Delicate diamond nails are very popular in Korea and China. Its beautiful shape has won the favor of many fashion girls. We like to paint our nails in all kinds of colors at will. They look strange and fashionable. These nail designs aren’t complicated, just add some decorations on simple colors, such as diamonds and sequins. This design will make nails much pretty and more fashionable. If you like DIY nails, you can buy some ornaments and a bottle of glue (for nails) on the Internet, and then do it according to the pictures here.


If you like to stick diamonds, please glue them firmly. After the glue has been applied, put the diamonds down one by one quickly. Don’t let the glue get dry. Keep your nails for 10 seconds. If you’ve never done this before, don’t be afraid. It’s fun and enjoyable to draw your nails. I was a beginner a few months ago, and now I’ve tried a lot of “complex” DIY nails, and now I’m getting better and better, even helping my friends do nails, which is very interesting. If you can do nail polish yourself, you can create interesting nail art.

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So here I have collected 45 very beautiful nail designs, for me and for you. This design looks very clear and effective on nails, so it is very simple and suitable for experimenting at home. Before attempting any nail art on your nails, make sure your nails are free of oil or dirt. Initially, coat the nails with a layer of undercoat, then fill the plate with warm water. Then, paint a few drops of nail polish with different colors in the water, and then gradually increase the decoration. You will feel like a magician, turning a dull nail into a piece of art.