How to be More Pretty? 10 Amazing Makeup Ideas for Young Ladies

Change your makeup, change your life? Everyone wants to be beautiful and charming, so doing some makeup can give you some change. There are some suggestions for youth.


If you have a light skin tone you can buy bronzer but don’t get it if you don’t need it because some people just look funny in bronzer. If you want to cover up acne and freckles, don’t worry. Foundation is fine to use. Get a foundation or a tinted moisturizer however you need to make sure it matches your skin! Getting mineral make-up is better for your skin as well, even though all make-up can clog pores.

1. Wet your brush

Sometimes we see a lot of makeup artists in some heavy color make-up after the whole face looks dim, with dirty makeup traces, the best make-up face is also damaged due to a large number of eye powder dropping. Wet your makeup brush when applying eye shadow. Let the powder conform to your small brush to keep you clean.

2. How to Curl Eyelashes More

Eyelash brushing techniques have eyes down, the root of the eyelashes as far as possible, the eyelash brush head inserted into the root of the eyelashes, maintain 2-3 seconds, and then pull the eyelashes tail, while the eyelash fluid is not dry, you can make fine-tuning, the eyelashes brush more dense.

3. Protruding plump lip shape

Choose light lip gloss, pay attention to the lip gloss, shine on the lips, preferably with light pink, so you will feel very soft. After the lip is put on, the full and round outline can be transformed with a lip pen, which will have a strong stereoscopic sense.