How to Choose a Perfect Cake for Your Wedding? 10 Ideas for Every Bride

What’s one of the highlights of every wedding? The cake! Guests might forget your first dance song or the color of your table runners, but your friends and family will always remember what your wedding cake tasted like—and looked like.


From country-chic ceremonies to barn receptions, rustic weddings have been an “I do” trend for quite some time now, with brides going crazy for countrified details and touches of subtle elegance. With berries, blooms, and other nature-inspired details, rustic wedding cakes are the countryside confections of choice that have guests scrambling to score a slice. 


Q&A about wedding cake

Q: What shape of wedding cake do you choose?

A: The basic shape of the wedding cake is round, square and upside down. The complex shape is the combination and overlap of the basic style. Simple wedding cake takes less time to make and costs less. If you choose a complex cake, you must set aside enough time and money.

Q: What’s the taste of the cake?

A: High-end wedding cakes also have many flavors inside, such as chocolate pounds, miscellaneous fruit pounds, butter sauce, almond cream and so on. For new couples who are first exposed to wedding desserts, the taste of these cake billets sounds strange. It is suggested that when choosing a wedding cake, first try to eat it in the wedding cake shop, and then make a choice.

Q: How to determine the pattern of the wedding cake?

A: Before going to the wedding cake shop, I suggest you browse the pictures or samples of the cake from the website, the wedding magazine or attending the wedding exposition, select your favorite styles, and save the pictures for your cake merchants to see. The more complex the pattern of the cake, the more difficult it is to make, which means the higher the price of the cake.