How to Decor a Garden Party? 30 Amazing Party Decoration Ideas You Must Try!

On a brilliant summer day, the most interesting thing we can think of is a fruit dessert party on the lawn in the yard with sweet sunshine! A dessert table with ice cream, delicious cupcakes, freshly baked cookies, colorful candies and, of course, fresh juice is the dream of all girls and children! If you’re planning a kid’s party or a group of young girls parties, then these 30 ideas, you will definitely like them!

Colorful balloons and paper flowers add to the party’s brightness. The wildflower bouquets on the table make the party more romantic and sweet. If you happen to have a big tree in your yard, you should make good use of it. The branch is a natural ornamental rack on which you can decorate as much as you like. For example, tie flowers together to make curtains, or hang some beautiful lights (if your party is at night). If the sun is bigger on the day of the party, you can also put up some small tents, which can not only block the sun but also provide entertainment places for children!

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Ice cream trucks are definitely a popular idea if conditions permit! Or you can DIY ice cream truck: Prepare lots of ice cubes in advance, then put them in a box or basin in the garden on the day of the party, and then put the ice cream in it, so that the ice cream won’t melt in 1-2 hours, the guests can enjoy it as they can! That’s the ideas of 30 garden party decor I want to share with you today, hope you like it.