40 Pretty White Wedding Dress Images for Short Girls

For short girls, it is not easy to find a perfect wedding dress, because the wedding dress is always very long and heavy! Although high heels can increase your height by about 10 centimeters, you still need to carefully select a wedding dress that will make you look gorgeous on your big day. Sure I will support you in choosing any style of wedding dress you dream of, it is absolutely the best thing that you wear your dreamy dress. But if you are a short girl like me, then you can’t be too ‘free’ when choosing your wedding dress, because some dress will not show your beauty, but make you look awkward.


So, in order to help short brides like me find the best wedding dress, today I collected 40 very beautiful wedding dress images. They are different styles, but they are all suitable for short brides. The perfect design of these wedding dresses can make your little body look more beautiful!

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“High waist” is absolutely the great design for a short girls outfit. Whether for a wedding dress or a daily outfit, short girls should remember to “raise” your waistline so that you will look more slender. If your upper body is slim, then I strongly recommend that you choose a high waist sling wedding dress, because the upper body sling design will make your lower body look taller. If the upper body is not slim, then choosing the off the shoulder dress is a wise decision. Whether you’re looking for a particular style or any style, here are the types of wedding dresses you want. Please take your time to browse all the images.